Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 6a – Gullotine Defense

Guillotine Defense

The goal in a fight is to keep the distance, and then you pounce with either an UPPER BODY or a LOWER BODY takedown. One of the advantages in going for the clinch is your head is up, but if you shoot low sometimes he may grab you in a guillotine. (It’s a simple movement and someone without experience may use it against you.)

Guillotine Defense: BG gets a guillotine. Chin in, grab their wrist, free arm deep over the shoulder, (lift partner up off the ground to test) knee buckle and shove his shoulder down to takedown. (As he falls, shuffle your feet up so you don’t fall) Keep weight back so you don't get rolled over him. Grab his far shoulder and "paper cutter" frame on top of his neck and weight down to release your head (not a full submission, but if he doesn’t release the guillotine, you can elbow him or knee him in the face until he does) and get side control.