Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 5c – Punch Block Series 3-4

Range 3 – Knees in chest, hips up, feet on his thighs/waist: They break out of 1 to throw a big KO punch. One of those and you are DONE. Palm pop and insert the knees in the chest. The inside of your feet is wedged on his hips (almost "standing" on his thighs). Elevate the hips. Only stay here as long as it takes to get him back into stage 1. Cover your head in the "meat helmet" and bend at the waist to bring your knees in to drop them into stage 1.

Drill: go from 1 to 3 and from 2 to 3 and back to 1. (From stage 2, if he leans forward, pull him in to stage 1. If he rips his hands away and leans back, stage 3).

Range 4 – Feet on the hips with head protection: He stands up from 1 and tries to knock you out. Pop him away and insert feet on his hips turned out pushing on his "belt". Get him back to stage 1 ASAP. 1-2 punches tops. Coil your legs and bend your knees as you protect your head with meat helmet. Control the descent. Drill: stage 1 to all 4 stages and back to 1.

JJ Drill: Start in the mount, get an Amerikana, let it go, get rolled off, go into the various punch block

If you get excited and exhaust your energy, it’s just as bad as getting hit. You cannot fight anymore. Focus on relaxing and breathing and you neutralize the BGs punches. The main goal is to establish Stage 1 control because it gives you the most control and is the most efficient in terms of energy. The further out from Stage 1 you get, the less control you have.