Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 5b – Punch Block Series 1-2

The Punch Block Series From The Guard Overview:

The first rule of guard fighting is DON’T GET PUNCHED. With an angry BG in your guard, he will certainly try to punch your face. The punch block series will help you neutralize his punches and exhaust his energy until you can get a better position or attack with a submission. The punch block series is broken down into four stages based upon the different distances your opponent may be in.

The Punch Block Series : Energy efficient punch block protection from the guard is one of the MOST IMPORTAND SKILLS IN JIU JITSU. Practice the punch block series until it becomes second nature.

Range 1 – Head Control And Arm Wrap: Range I is the closest range with the most control. This position offers you the most control with the least amount of energy. STAY CALM. Don’t burn your energy. Keep him too close to you to cause damage. As soon as you fall, swim arms in hold his head and elbow pinch his arms. Legs high on his back. Hold him as close to you as possible. Head tucked up to avoid butts and scratches. Save energy and let the position neutralize his punches. He swims inside, you re-swim. Switch head control as needed. Drill – fall off the mount, BG throwing a few punches, BG swims in, repeat.

  • Punch damage scale 1-10. You WILL get hit, but ideally not hard. You only need to stop 5 and up.
  • Slam Warning - If a big BG tries to pick you up and slam you, let go immediately and try to establish stage 4

Range 2 – Tricep Hook, Knee Block, Foot On The Hip: While he’s still stuck in your range 1 control, he might try to punch your ribs. When he draws back to punch, place your knees in his biceps controlling his arms. Fill the space. If he hits other side, same thing. DO NOT STAY HERE. Only stay as long as it takes to pull him back to stage 1 (he has to be leaning). Leg extension to pull him back to stage 1 asap.

Drill – 3 punches in stage 1, transition to stage 2, 3 punches, repeat.