Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 5a – The Standing Guillotine Choke

Guillotine Choke Standing

BG may not try to hit you but try to tackle you instead. Choke: WRAP THE ARM AS DEEP AS POSSIBLE. TRY TO CHOKE WITH A HIGH WRIST “V” POSITION. Then grab your wrist/edge of your hand and squeeze. “TO TAKE OUT THE SLACK, COVER YOUR HEART AND PULL THE ELBOW BACK”

Drill: Stop his shoulders as you sprawl back. Stuff the head into the guillotine. You’re your legs back (slight sprawl) then ride that back as you adjust the choke. Lock the guillotine choke. Get the head as deep in the elbow as possible. When you have the choke step forward into a low horse stance as a base. Pressure is up with the forearm and down with the armpit (scissoring action).