Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 4c – Take The Back To RNC From Mount

Take The Back (Defensive Variation: BG turns over on his own)

  1. 1
    A lot of times the bad guy will want to roll over and get onto his knees so that he can get up to escape the mount. This is great for you! When he gives you his back things get WORSE for him, not better. You counter this with back mount. The back mount is another VERY DOMINANT position in a fight and this is a very common way to get there.
  2. 2
    When he turns give him a little room while staying on top. Put your weight on your hands to make your legs light. Modified mount: Scoot one knee behind his head to help hold him there and to make putting hook in easier. When he turns all the way over and starts to get up on his knees, insert your hooks, put your hands on the ground and sit back while supporting your weight with the balls of your feet (this is so you are not riding too high on his back). Your head should be in line with his head, not too high. Lock up the seatbelt grip.
  3. 3

    a. Strong side variation (Use the fist realignment if needed)

    b. Weak side variation - Bottom hand is stuck. Top arm wraps neck and grabs his shoulder. Pickup with the hook and top arm to release your bottom arm. Drop him on the bottom arm. Use the fist realignment if needed