Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 2a – Clinch Against Aggressive Opponent

Clinch The Aggressive Opponent

Once a fight starts, RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO TRADE PUNCHES WITH YOUR ATTACKER. If you are in range to hit them, they are in range to hit you. The quickest way to get knocked out is to try and knock someone else out. The smarter strategy is to establish a clinch and take the fight to the ground. Remember, THERE ARE ONLY TWO SAFE DISTANCES IN A FIGHT – ALL THE WAY OUT, OR ALL THE WAY IN. Your mission is to transition through the dangerous “red zone” in the safest way possible.

The easiest time to clinch someone is when they try to hit you. “Bite your teeth, protect your face, and close the distance.”

Always remember “the clinch commitment principle”: once you commit to the clinch do not retreat.

Standing Drill: Keep two arm’s length distance. Match steps, BG steps two forward, you step 2 back. On the third step BG swings. Crash in with meat helmet, contact, clinch. Do NOT drop your hands until you make contact. So, 2 calm steps, one aggressive step, and pounce.

Standing Drill 2:
Same but use the defensive pisao kick to keep the distance and agitate him into throwing that aggressive punch. BG moves forward holding the hand down as target for two steps, then throws the aggressive punch.