Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 25d – Entering The Guillotine

The Golden Rule Of Guillotine Chokes – The guillotine is available any time THE CROWN OF HIS HEAD IS LOWER THAN YOUR ARMPIT. There are two main ways this situation can happen:

  1. 1
    Proactive (offensive) methods –You force the guy’s head down there. E.g., the snap down
  2. 2
    Reactive (defensive) methods –The BG puts his own head there. E.g., takedown attempt

Guillotine Using An Proactive Method: (You put his head into position)

  • The Guillotine From Closed Guard – From punch block stage 1: head push, block it off with your elbow, sit up and scoot back, lock the guillotine with a “V” grip as much as possible.
  • Guillotine Using A Reactive Method: (BG puts his own head into position)
  • Guillotine Against A Kneeling Shot: Both start kneeling. One partner shoots in. Get a front headlock with 3 points of control (chinstrap, shoulder on the back of his head, and holding the tricep. From there, centerline shift your head and shoot a high wrist position. (What you do with your second support hand is not nearly as important as what you do with you strangle hand!) Step into a closed guard guillotine.

Closing Statement: Of all the moves successfully used by fighters trained in jiu jitsu, the guillotine is one of the tops. It is a very simple technique to use from many different positions, and you can even end a fight standing with it. Make the initial wrap very quick and tight and when applying, try to get the high wrist position, and allow the choke enough time to work.