Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 24c – Take The Back By Force

Take The Back By Force: From the giftwrap with modified mount. Grab his your own wrist in a Kimura grip. The goal now is going to be to straighten him out and then force him on his belly. Slide the rear knee out away from him. DRAG HIM TO YOU and then drive your bodyweight into his shoulder to turn him over. Take the back and choke from either the standard back position if he gets up on his knees or choke him when he is flattened on his belly.

Jiu Jitsu Drill: Practice getting and maintaining the giftwrap position with progressive resistance. Take the back to RNC of go for the armlock.

Closing Statement: The Giftwrap is a highly effective way to force a BG to give you their back since they do not want to get punched in the face. Remember, the RNC is KING and is the ultimate goal in a fight. So your aim should be to get that submission first, but you can use the armlock as a secondary alternative.