Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 24b – The Giftwrap Position

The Giftwrap Overview: One of the good things about Jiu Jitsu is that it enables you to defeat an attacker while controlling how much damage you inflict. The Giftwrap is a perfect example of this since you can use it to just control your opponent until they give up, or you can use it to inflict a massive amount of damage to setup up an armlock, choke, or just punches when your opponent cannot punch back. Because of these options, THINK OF THE GIFTWRAP AS YOUR PRIMARY “GO TO” MOUNT TECHNIQUE. It is the best way to force the RNC from the mount.

The Basic Giftwrap: You have the mount. Throw a few distracting strikes to induce panic. BG is protecting his face. Two hands plus your bodyweight deflects and shoves his elbow across. Take your body off centerline to get behind his elbow. Lay down on his arm and use your bodyweight to pin it. Grab his hand behind his head to get the giftwrap. Post your other hand on the ground as you hop up to a modified mount position. Pull the hand and push the elbow to MAKE HIM ROLL ON HIS SIDE. Pull the hand and push the tricep position with your weight to control him. Keep your hips up. Note: If BG bucks hard and it feels like you are going to fall off, you are better off releasing the giftwrap and posting with your hands than falling off on the bottom.