Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 23a – The Double Leg From The Clinch

Standing Move Of The Day: Blast Double From The Clinch:

Starting in the clinch position, use a high distraction (punch, head snap, head butt, etc.) and drop to a blast double leg. LOWER YOUR LEVEL (by bending your knees to get ready to hit with force - aka "loading up"). BIG PENETRATION STEP - Take a big penetration step between your op's feet (look for "three feet in a row"). HIT THEM IN THE STOMACH WITH YOUR SHOULDER and keep your head up as you hit. GRIP THE LEGS, grip the back of both of your opponent’s knees with your hand, DRIVE HIM DOWN by driving your knee to the floor. As you do this, pull the back of your opponent’s knees to “buckle” his body.