Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 21a – The Standing Headlock Defense

Standing Move Of The Day: Standing Headlock Defense: Headlocks happen all the time in street fights. Either BG just grabs you or you shoot in and clinch and he grabs you in a headlock. These techniques will show you how to handle this common situation.

Drill: 1 The Groin Shot To RNC – Punch block sequence in effect. Once you secure the wrist, or if he is just holding and squeezing, groin shots to loosen his grip. Pop your head out (Relson release) and take the back seatbelt, knee stomp, to the ground, RNC (or run away). This should be your first option. It is the easiest.

Drill 2: The Step, Sit and Spin: Groin shot not working (drugs?) Want to put him down? Grab the waist with your back hand, other hand presses on his knee. Small setup step forward with your back leg and step your front leg between his legs with your toes facing inward. Sit down in front of him and pull him over you. Land in a mount. Slide your knee up. (Note - You cannot stop, you should be off balance when you step in front of him. Do the move in one continuous motion. Step, sit and spin all in one fluid motion. (if you don’t go right away they may take you to the ground). You land in the modified mount headlock counter position. Let gravity do the work to take him down.) Use this as a backup to the groin shot to RNC.