Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 19b – Punch Block Series Stage 5

Punch Block Stage 5

Any time a BG is standing over you but not pressing their weight on you in stage 4, (if they are pressing weight drop them down to stage 1). Drop your foot and start stomping their knees to force him back.

One foot is down for following him when BG turns. Other foot is up to block or kick him. Keep your guard foot retracted until BG backs off. If he backs off, stand up in base. If BG rushes in to punch, both feet go to stage 4 and pull him in to stage 1

1,4,5 Back to 1 Drill
- stage 1, stand up to stage 4, (kick his knee) make him back off, circle around both ways, BG rushes in to punch the face. Stop the initial rush by planting your feet on his hips in stage 4 and drop him to stage 4. If BG backs up far enough, stand up in base.

Tip - you can put both hands on the ground and get a bigger scoot back when you stand up in base