Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 17b – Escape Side Control 1 – Block and Shoot

Shrimp Escape From Side Control Overview: If you get into a fight with a large opponent, it is likely for you to end up on the bottom. When this happens, the guard is your best option - block the punches, exhaust his energy and look for an opportunity to present itself to finish the fight. If BG gets past your guard, you need to use the shrimp escape to put him back into it.

Block & Shoot Guard Recovery: For use when BG gets past your legs but doesn’t yet have a full side control. Start with partner on knees next to you. Block him with a stiff arm (forearms are ok too) bring your shin across his stomach, other leg can bite across his back. Then complete the guard, foot on the ground, hip scoot, full guard.