Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 16a – Clinch A Conservative Opponent

Standing Move Of The Day: Clinch Conservative Opponent With Offensive Pisao: The easiest time to get a clinch is when the BG attacks you. So normally its best to keep the distance and wait for him to attack. (Use the defensive pisao to encourage this!) But when you need to initiate the attack, use the "surprise entry".

Clinch Conservative Opponent: Strategy here is a surprise entry using the offensive pisao. Draw him towards you. He steps forward and you step back 2-3 times. When he steps forward pisao & crash! (bite your teeth and hit him in the chest). The idea is to go forward right behind the pisao, like a flash bang. The defensive pisao is used to MAINTAIN the distance. The offensive pisao is used to CLOSE the distance.