Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 14b – The Armlock From The Guard Defensive Variation

Armlock from The Guard Overview: The most common way a BG will attack you from the guard is to try and punch your face. They may get frustrated after you neutralize their punches and try to choke you or claw your face. This gives you the chance to catch them in the straight armlock. This lesson will cover two variations of the armlock as well as teach you what to do when BG escapes by pulling his arm out of your lock.

Armlock From Guard Against Choke (Defensive Variation): BG gets frustrated from trying to punch you and tries to choke you with his hands around your neck. Grab a wrist, scoop the opposite leg, and armlock. Try to take him over, sit up and adjust your hips and finish. If he doesn’t fall, finish from the guard.