Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 13e – Punch Block Variation

Punch Block Variation: The Far Wrist Trap – BG will have better control with both hands but some people will control with one and punch with the other. Get the far wrist trap with both hands in a thumb less grip. Control his bicep with the far hand if you miss the wrist. Leg hook and climb up.

Jiu Jitsu Drill – Punch block stage 4 – BG throws legs aside and gets you in a headlock. Work all three variations of the headlock escape (the frame, the leg hook, and the far wrist trap).

Closing Statement: Headlocks are very common on the street. The most important technique in any headlock escape is turning sideways and tucking your chin and elbow. Preventing the headlock is always better than curing it. The Frame escape is the simplest option but if that fails use the Leg Hook as a backup. Always be ready to use the Far Wrist Trap if the punches start coming, from there use the leg hook escape to get out.