Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 12d – Lower Body Control With RNC

Lower Body Control

  • Hooks are standard
  • Crossing the feet: More secure than hooks. Below the waist is a possibility of an easily countered foot lock. Above the waist is safe.
  • Body triangle – good but size dependent

Jiu Jitsu Drill 1: Sprawl and Spin to RNC:

From the knees, tackle defense sprawl and spin to back, seatbelt grip and RNC.

Jiu Jitsu Drill 2: Sit Out To RNC:

From the knees, shoot a double and partner sprawls. Post a hand on the floor, post the same side foot on the floor (you can use your free hand to block knee strikes), move your head a little bit to that side, and sit your far leg through looking up. Turn and take the back.

Closing Statement: The RNC is the single most effective way to end a fight in all of jiu jitsu and there are numerous ways you can get this hold in a real fight. For this reason, the primary purpose of our basic program is to educate you on all of the details you need to know to use this choke to possibly save your life.