Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 12b – The RNC In Detail

RNC In-Depth Overview:

The safest place to be in a fight is on the BG’s back. He can mount little offense from there and you can unleash a barrage. The purpose of this lesson is to teach the student some of the finer points of the RNC and add a couple of new ways to take the back.

Air Chokes vs. Blood Chokes: Air chokes primarily cut off air flow. Blood chokes primarily cut off blood flow. Either choke is effective. Blood chokes like the RNC might be safer to use.

Fast Forearm Choke: Good example of an air choke. Fast and only a little space is needed to shoot it in. Also this one is good to use on a person with a very large neck. But is potentially more dangerous if the trachea is crushed. Gable grip and keep the head tight. Pull back and rotate the elbow back slightly.

The Classical Rear Naked Choke:
good example of a blood choke. Remember to put the elbow in front so to focus the squeeze on the two arteries. When doing the RNC remember: “TO PUT HIM TO BED,, HUG AND SQUEEZE, CHEST AND HEAD”.