Bam Bam Basic Jiu Jitsu Curriculum – Lesson 24a – Double Leg Takedown On A Conservative Opponent

Standing Move Of The Day: Double leg takedown on a conservative opponent: The easiest time to get a double leg is when the BG attacks you. So normally its best to keep the distance and wait for him to attack. (Use the defensive pisao to encourage this!) But when you need to initiate the attack, use the "surprise entry".

Blast Double: Strategy here is a surprise entry using the offensive pisao.
Do NOT shoot a double leg from far away. The BG can see it coming. Shoot when you are ONE ARM LENGTH’S AWAY. You just need some “cover fire” to distract while you step inside that two-arm length’s safe distance. The pisao kick is PERFECT for this. Starting from a two-arm length’s distance, when you are ready to go, raise leg, keep your head covered, pisao & crash! (bite your teeth and hit him in the stomach with your shoulder). The idea is to go forward right behind the pisao, like a flash bang. This offensive pisao is used to CLOSE the distance. PISAO, PENETRATE, GRAB THE KNEES AND HIT HIM IN THE CHEST WITH YOUR SHOULDER, DRIVE HIM DOWN AS YOU DROP YOUR KNEE.

Notice how jiu jitsu fighter Royce Gracie uses the Pisao kick to keep boxer Art Jimmerson away. Art Jimmerson is playing the conservative opponent, taking his time and waiting to pick his shot.

Royce Gracie distracts him and keeps him back with the Pisao kick. Then, Gracie uses that Pisao kick to close the distance and get the double leg takedown.